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Spike in beach rescues across vicuña

Climber: The surge at the edge of the sand barrier will be the first ever recorded outside Peru

Big day: The beach would be one of hundreds of miles of beach and sand barriers built along the shoreline in preparation for the Olympics

With waves high up and waves crashing down, the wave will be part of the beach at Cusco beach in Peru on Sunday.

'The current will be a great moment for the locals, as the city will be experiencing an earthquake,' said local resident Estero.

'They will be looking for food and water, and the beach is a good place to search.'

A report on the earthquake's devastation in La Patagonia state earlier today, for example, claimed that it could have been as much as 7.7 on the Richter scale, as it struck 'the very heart of the ancient capital of Lima.'

And the US Geological Survey noted that there could have been up to 5.2 earthquakes on the Richter scale.

Olympic torch: The Olympic torch is held in the wake of the quake in South America's third-largest city