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Jacqui lambie returns to parliament with government demands

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau had his MPs sit for long, with just 15 sitting without a speech in almost three months. The MPs were ordered to stay in Parliament throughout Monday, and MPs were instructed to read the list of demands to be placed on their backs.

Trudeau's Liberals have long had a reputation for speaking without questions and holding secret sessions. The Liberal Leader sat in the gallery behind the Leader of the Opposition, despite the Opposition Leader refusing to stand beside him in the Commons chamber on more than one occasion.

The leader of the opposition, Jagmeet Singh, sat in the House of Commons as did the Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. They have been the targets of the government since Trudeau became leader last week, leading critics to accuse the government of trying to intimidate opposition MPs.

In a statement late on Monday, Trudeau blamed the government for the "unacceptable and unprecedented" behavior.

"If elected, I intend to make Parliament function like it did for Canadians three months ago, starting with the start of daily debates, parliamentary business and debates," Trudeau said.

"I am extremely disappointed by the level of activity and dysfunction experienced by this House, which can hardly be compared to the extraordinary level of engagement from this House when we had the confidence to elect a Liberal government."

Singh said the NDP had done a good job in taking the government to task.

"They have been doing very well, particularly with respect to their opposition and opposition MPs," Singh said.

"In contrast, the Liberal government has shown absolutely no intention of listening and this is unacceptable and an embarrassment to the people of Canada."

Trudeau was also criticized for being more passive than his Conservative counterpart, Stephen Harper, a former leader of the Official Opposition who was defeated in 2015.

"I have never heard such the empty theatrics of these leaders in this House," the NDP MP for Vancouver Centre Maryam Monsef said in a statement.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau walks to his seat with Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger (left) as Opposition leader Bill Morneau looks on after making a break in the House of Commons in Toronto, Ontario, on May 16, 2017. Trudeau is in charge of the party. (Photo: Andrew Francis Wallace/Reuters)

With a report from CTV's The House with Paul Forman

1m cattle theft sparks reward offer

Calf thieves who have broken the law to steal hundreds of millions of dollars worth of animals have been offered $400,000 (£300,000) in reward money.

The thieves, who allegedly stole 1m animals between 2001 and 2014, have claimed they are 'heroes' after killing hundreds of cows and pigs, many of which had been taken to slaughterhouses on the edge of town.

Some of the animals they took have been taken to slaughterhouses for human consumption.

Police have told the News of the World they believe there are around 7,000 animals the gang could have taken, each valued at between €1.5m and €2.5m.

They say a large number of these animals were sent to slaughterhouses as a result of their thefts.

The latest attempt to nab the thieves was launched after detectives tracked down one of the suspects.

He was captured on CCTV in a car with a number of other cars leaving the factory where he worked on the day in question.

Another man, thought to be a co-operating suspect, was also arrested at the moment.

One of the biggest cases of beef theft in Wales so far comes from a recent court hearing in Cardiff.

According to police, a gang of men stolen and ate nearly 3,000 cows and pigs in April from one of Wales' largest butcher shops

Sick or dying cows were found lying along a busy stretch of road in the town. Police had to stop the offenders and take a huge amount of meat before they were nabbed

Cattle thieves were jailed in March after being caught on CCTV eating meat destined for mass-produced fast-food restaurants.

The men, who were all from the south Wales town of Swansea, took more than 1,600 cows and pigs to slaughter before being caught and jailed.

The gang, dubbed The Five, received a number of accolades after the slaughter.

One of the other men, pictured, became an internet sensation after being arrested on CCTV

Trial judge Nicholas Thomas QC described them as 'heroes' for their 'courageous act'.

The gang, one of the most prolific offenders of animal cruelty in Wales, escaped with only €150 in fines.

A statement issued by Swansea County Council said the public were now'very worried'.

'The animals found this week were eaten by a gang of criminals and the council is now concerned the safety of local residents,' it said.

The council has launched an appeal for information about the group, which includes one from Clwyd and another from North Wales.

If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of these suspects, they can cal